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Dreams and Other Living Things by Fuzzbee is available NOW!


FUZZBEE - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards 
JERRY MAROTTA - Drums, Percussion, Ocarina 
TONY LEVIN - Basses 
DAVID SANCIOUS - Keyboards, Virtual Soprano 

Engineered by Roman Klun at Jersville, Woodstock, NY 
Mixed by Daniel Kresco and Leslie Chew 
Mastered by Chris Athens 









Great music can stop time, bypass thought, connect you directly to your heart and remind you how magnificent it is to be human." -Fuzzbee Morse

Fuzzbee Morse is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, producer, raconteur and film/TV composer. He plays guitar, keyboards, bass, flute, soprano sax and lots of other instruments. He's just finishing up a new record with a great band, featuring Jerry Marotta on drums, Tony Levin

on bass and David Sancious on keyboards, in cahoots with Fuzzbee

on guitar & vocals.

He also performs with The Flying Fannoli Brothers, that death-defying improv comedy band, who make up outrageous songs about any

subject, in any style, at the audience's request, to the profound delight

of their ever-growing following.

As a player, primarily on guitar, Fuzzbee has had the pleasure of playing with, in one circumstance or another, such delightful & gifted characters as: Bono, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Frank Zappa, Aaron Neville, Jaco Pastorius, Ric Ocasek, Pink, Third World, Richie Havens, Daniel Lanois, Dave Grohl, Jean-Luc Ponty, Axl Rose, The Chambers Brothers, Joan

Baez, Cyril Neville, Stevie Wonder (kbd./styrofoam cup duet!), Jerry Marotta, Tony Levin, Wasis Diop, Daya Rawat, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Karla Bonoff, Kim O'Leary, Manu Katché, Robert Wyatt, Greg Hawkes,

Paul Allen, Larry Mullen, Jr., Pino Palladino, Phil Upchurch, The Soul Survivors, Trey Parker, Maharaji, Kenny Edwards, Dan Aykroyd, Jeremy Sole, Steve Ferrone, Alex Band (The Calling), Nick Jameson, Nickodemus, Bernard Fowler, David Sancious, Ben Orr, Darryl Jones, Freebo, Albert Wing, Janice Pendarvis, Natalie Cole, Larry Klein, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Robert Randolph, Magnolia Memoir, Rocky Dawuni and many more. Please check the Bio section for stories of Fuzzbee's encounters with some of these groundbreaking musicians.

Enjoy exploring the site!

"What can one say about Fuzzbee...

one of the sweetest, funniest, warmest, fuzziest, genuine, soulful,

bad-ass human beings I know... he's a lifelong friend and a super talent"

-Jerry Marotta


"I don't need to hear a tape, I heard you right now. You sound great!"

- Frank Zappa

"The kid's a motherfucker!"
-Joe Zawinul & Jaco Pastorius

"The best guitar player I know." - Ric Ocasek

"You hit some notes that I didn't even know existed!"

-Willie Chambers to Fuzzbee

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